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Love Bytes : Your Personal Podcast Collection for a Deeply Connected Marriage
(No Matter Which Way Your Brain Translated the Word “Byte!”)

A 12 month podcast series by Megan Wyatt inviting you to explore your marriage from different angles, perspectives, and offer suggested actions to begin the process of deepening the love, increasing the passion, and nourishing the spiritual consciousnesses of your marriage. Created especially for the busy woman who wants something deep but not lengthy!

Sample Titles Include:

  • How To Stop Having the Same Arguments Over and Over!
  • Why Your Husband Loves Natural Beauty More
  • Opening the Channel to Greater Pleasure During Intimacy
  • Self Love and Care: Rescuing the Resentful Wife
  • Creating a Passionate and Playful Relationship
  • and more…

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In-Laws: How to Be Yourself and Live Clash Free with a Collective “We”
Wives of Jannah interviews Nadia Malik

You’ve heard people say it before. “It’s in-laws, not out-laws!” But time and time again, just saying this word brings up grumbles from wives, the rolling of eyes, frustration, and even anger. How is it possible to love your husband so much, and find the woman who raised him so disagreeable?

For many women, the new life as a married woman is quickly darkened by not understanding how to interact with her in-laws. It is often the mother-on-law, but if could be the father-in-law, your sister-in-law, or even a brother-in-law that you believe is the source of trouble for you and your husband. And yet, many women have justifiably struggled with mentalities and ideas that clash with their own values. What is a wife struggling to please Allah, her husband, and his family to do?

In this interview with Nadia Malik, ( we’ll hear  her own story of living with in-laws, what she has learned from that experience as wife, and a deeper glimpse into how to understand your in-laws, and instead of clashing, developing harmony, love, and mutual respect insha’Allah.

Specific Points  of Benefit Covered:
* The “we” culture vs. the “I” culture
* Understanding our societal hierarchies in communication
* How to set boundaries for your own marital relationship
* When and how to compromise
* The importance of a couple being on the same page
* A mind shift about family to positively impact your relationships
* Listening to the Q&A session from participants

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Beauty 101 with Kanika Aggarwal from Beauty GlamSham
Professional Make-up Artist and Certified Skin Consultant

One of the ways you honor your husband and show that you care
and respect him is through that ancient feminine process of

But…. what about those eyebrows?
Can’t pluck ‘em – so what to do?
Threading vs. waxing to make upper lip hair disappear?
Dry or dull skin? What kind of foundations to use?
And who has time for a beauty and skin care regimen?

There questions and more answered by a Muslimah who understands
the”beauty boundaries” we have as Muslim women, combined with
professional experience and training!

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